School of Economics

School of Economics

Wadan Narsey's articles on Politics, electoral systems, governance, coups and the economy

Leading to the 2000 coup


The 2000 coup, the 2000 Mutiny and after

Leading to the 2006 Coup


The 2006 Coup and aftermath


2008 A   The Charter Debate for Media Council

2008 B    Not the Charter but the law (The Fiji Times 19 August)

2008 C   Grim truth behind growth rates (The Fiji Times 13 September)

2008 D   When We Open Pandora's Box (The Fiji Times 21 October)

2008 E   The ACS gang and my gang (The Fiji Times 14 November)

2008 F   When the security guards rob the bank (The Fiji Times 28 October)

2008 G   An Evil Budget laced with deceit (The Fiji Times 27 November)

2008 H   Transparency accountability and us (The Fiji Times 11 December)

2008 K   Electoral Fraud in US and NZ (The Fiji Times 16 December)

2008 L   The Charter Charade (The Fiji Times 23 December)


2009   A    Floods and coups- selective blindness (The Fiji Times 31 Jan 2009)

2009   B   With god on our side  (Fiji Sun 24 Feb 2009)

2009   C   Coup wolves circling FNPF (The Fiji Times 12 March 2009)

2009   E   The Rev Niukula Lecture on Just Wages in Fiji April 15 a 


2009   F    The moral gutting of Fiji and economic collapse


2010  C    Fiji's Population Revolution


2010  D    The Military Government's Own Charter and Media Censorship


2010  F      Saving FNPF (and Fiji)


2010 G     Media censorship and a deeper darkness during Diwali

2010  H     The 2011 Budget Oscars: burdening future generations"

 2011  A    "Helping FNPF despite media censorship"

2011  B    "Fijians, I-Taukei, Indians and Indo-Fijians".

2011 C "Merging Wages Councils: going backwards"

 The US$250 million bond issue: when failure is called success and the debt mounts higher.





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